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Jonny Nitro


I bring 13 years of experience in real estate with over 500 closed transactions, excellent customer service and a commitment to work hard, listen and follow through. I provide quality service to build relationships with clients and more importantly, maintain those relationships by communicating effectively.

As a principal in a real estate investment and sales, I am responsible for overall leadership, growth, direction, cash management and strategic planning for a number of real estate projects, and I know how to maximize positive outcomes for all of the parties involved in the transaction.

I work with residential property owners as well as builders and developers and have 4 Promises for you:
1. I will be on time.
2. I will be brutally honest.
3. I will do what I say I'm going to do for you.
4. I will answer my phone

There are 3 Things I do, with and for my clients:
1. Consult with you…I will make sure you make a good decision at every step in the process.
2. Negotiate for you…This means I will treat your money likes it’s my money.
3. Handle all the details for you…This means I will ensure the hundreds of steps in the real estate process, are handled properly for you.

Bottom Line, I will get the job done properly for you and not let you down!

Jennifer Harley

Las Vegas resident for 15 years, I bought my first house when I was 21 years old, I have always had a passion for real estate. I have owned 7 properties have experience in short term rental property business, I have made the majority of my income off of real estate the last 3 years ! I have a system that worked for me that’s why I wanted to become a real estate agent! I can help guide you In the right direction and buy your own home! I love working with 1st time buyers as well as seasoned investors. So if you are looking for the best deal. I will always find it!

Margi Baird

MARGERY (MARGI) C. BAIRD was born & raised in Akron, Ohio.She holds a Bachelors' and Masters Degree in Education & a Certificate in Business Management. She has worked with Vietnam Veterans, the homeless population and others as a therapist. She retired from Clark County as an Investigator for Child Abuse and Neglect and became a successful Realtor®. She was selected as one of the Top Ten Real Estate Professionals of the Las Vegas area in 2009 by Gold line Research, an independent research organization.She is also a huge cat lover who rescues and helps them when in need. She will always find you the Purrrrrfect home!!


A Native Son to the Las Vegas Valley. I've watched this Little City grow into the Mecca City it has become. I have always focused on setting realistic objectives to reaching my goals and exceeding the highest of expectations. This commitment to excellence has followed me in life and business. I received an academic scholarship to UNLV and pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality. My education and experience allowed me the opportunity to own a tile and marble company and managing one of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas. Real Estate is a passion I can share with friends, family, customers and clients. Looking for a new dream home? Buying or selling a current property? Looking for an investment property for rental or resale? Questions regarding where in the city to buy, sell or rent? I will provide solutions designed to your specific situation to reach and exceed expectations. I'm happy to answer any of your inquiries and look forward to helping you with the next step in finding the place you call home. Selling your existing home.? Let's get you set up with the right buyers. I am available at your convenience by phone, text, or email. Let’s talk and get you moving!

Marlon Manuel

Since 2006, I have seen this amazing city stretch out from east to west! Additionally, I have worked on The Strip for over 10 years, giving me the understanding of what Vegas visitors and the locals really care for. I am always informed with the newest attractions in Las Vegas and excited to share them through social media. People remember me by, "... gives more value beyond expectations."
So whether you're looking for a new home or selling your current, your interests are always my top priority.

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